The Role And Education Of A Sports Doctor

Sports medicine professionals are doctors who work with the athletes to help them with their injuries. These sports specialists are referred by the ordinary doctors to the athletes because they can take better care of them. There is a special form of education which allows you to excel in the training and hence you become a specialist sports medicine in Canberra. It makes you lie in the category of either an orthopaedic or a physician doctor and your job is to treat the athletes. A part of their job is also to warn and suggest the preventive measures to athletes about how they can stay safe and prevent their injuries from happening. This degree of diagnosing and treating problems in sports athletes is achieved after special training of 3 years in this field. To increase the rank, the doctors also study for an additional certificate in the same field. This helps you achieve better clients and the amount of work in your profession. 

 Types of different sports doctors

There are various types of professional sports doctor. They can be physical therapists, athletic trainers, orthopaedic doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, podiatrists, sports nutritionists, acupuncturists and sports psychologists.

Physical therapist

An athlete is referred to a physical therapist when he needs to recover from an injury. They have the abilities to make you recover from your injuries that cause damage to the muscles and they also suggest relevant exercises for the athletes.

Athletic Trainers

The athletic trainers are in charge of taking care of the earliest problems regarding the injury. They assess the relevant problems and take the patient to the best doctor for its cure. Meanwhile, an athletic trainer guides the athletes about the prevention of injuries and even provide with special equipment.


Chiropractors are specialized sports doctors whose main subject is the injuries caused by the damage on the spine and its alignment.


Podiatrists are doctors who excel in the cure of problems related to feet and ankles. They provide healing remedies for surgical as well as non-surgical problems of the athletes.

 How to become a Sports Specialist Doctor?

For the doctors who wish to specialize in the study for sports related problems require a primary education of a 4-year bachelor’s degree at first. This Bachelor’s degree must include medical courses for the benefit. After this, they must clear the medical test and receive a four year full fledge education in a medical school. This completes half the career requirements. After completing the medical school, additional three-year training is given to specialize in this field. After this process, there are some great fellowship programs required for the good recognition of a professional of physical medical science.