The Symptoms To Identify Colon Cancer At Early Stage

Identifying the symptoms at the early stage can help people to avert serious health diseases or even death. The risk of cancer in the bowel is very common for people who have already crossed their 50s. Before we move towards cancer, let’s give you a clear view of what bowel is.
Bowel, the internal part of the body, is consisted of three parts, namely the small bowel, large bowel and rectum. The large bowel or colon develops cancer over time if not treated on time. There are several factors that trigger the impact of cancer in the colon and make the situation more complicated. So, you have to be very careful with your food habit, lifestyle and health from now if you really want to avoid bowel cancer. 90% of the death due to colon cancer takes place at the last stage, so make sure you do not drag it so late. If you feel something abnormal or irregular, consult a physician and get your diagnosis done. Most common symptoms of bowel might last for couple of weeks or more and if you face such symptoms don’t waste your time in visiting a doctor.

Irregular bowel motion
Colorectal surgery in Brisbane becomes necessary if you are suffering from irregular bowel motion from a long time. Prolong constipation or diarrhea deteriorates the condition and worsens the bowel movement habit. The disturbance in the muscle will make your feel that your bowel is not clear even if you pass the motion several times a day. You will not get the satisfaction that you used to have a few days before also.

Pain in the lower abdomen
Abdominal pain or stiffness in the abdomen for a few weeks or so can also be the symptom of growth of cancerous cells in the bowel. The pain might come and go. Or, at times it will become very serious and unbearable. However, it might be due to some other reasons too, but to make sure you should visit a physician once.

Bleeding during bowel motion or rectal bleeding
Another very common symptom of cancer in bowel is bleeding. The bleeding can take place during bowel motion or from rectum and will create unbearable pain during motion. The bleeding will lead to anaemia in no time. Only 10% of rectal bleeding turns out to cancer, while the rest may be due to other reasons.

Other symptoms of cancer
Cramps in the abdomen, gastric problems and bloating are a few more minor symptoms of colon cancer. So, don’t take it lightly and visit the physician as soon as possible. If the cancerous cells are left untreated it can spread fast and make the situation worse.