What Do We Offer Under The Name Of Orthology

Orthology is very famous for Physiotherapist services. We have been practicing the services of physiotherapy in West Perth. It is useful for all kind of pains. Many people who can’t take high dosage medicine to kill the pain, also there are many injuries that need to be treated with physiotherapy. Medicines don’t give a long-term result for such issues. With the help of physiotherapy, we can encounter the issues from the core. Many people get benefits out of it. It is like exercise, also, there are hot pads are used to treat the pain.

Under the banner of Orthology, we believe in providing the quality services to our patients. We don’t want to only earn money; our aim is to provide the benefits with our services to the patients. We have experienced physiotherapist, who are always there to listen to the issues of our patients. There are many physiotherapists who don’t listen to the issues and start doing exercises on it which further causes issues and results to be shown is zero. We don’t do such practices, we first investigate the issue and then hit the target area to resolve the problems.

The Services

Following are the services that we have been offering under the banner of Orthology.

  • Sports Injuries:

We have seen many sports person who get injured while performing on the field. Let’s, take the example of a cricket, a player gets injured while catching a ball or kicking a ball through bat. They do it with full force and there are chances of frozen shoulder of fracture. It can be resolved by physiotherapy. 

  • Back and Neck Pain:

There are many people who have issues in back and neck. The main causes of such pain are the wrong posture of sitting and doing work. We help such patients and do physiotherapy on them. Also, if the sleepers are uncomfortable, the issues of back pain arise.

  • Joint Pain:

As we grow older, our blood circulation also decreases. As a result, we get joint pain. Also, the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D causes joint pain. We treat patients having joints pain.

  • Headaches:

People usually complain about headaches when they are a victim of migraine. Medicines don’t really show any visible results. It is very painful even pain killers sometimes don’t work. With the help of some techniques and physiotherapy Cottesloe, we resolve the issues of the migraine and people refer others as well to visit our clinic for the treatment.